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Since our formation in 1997, Quantum Silicones has emerged as a leading producer of specialty silicones. Our products of today serve the electronics, moldmaking and industrial markets; but that's not where it ends! Our technical team is the best in the industry. We will gladly accept the challenge of your unique application and work directly with your team to develop Your Silicone Solution.

Electronic & Industrial Products
Quantum Silicones produces a broad line of silicone materials formulated specifically for the electronic and industrial industry. QSi products are well suited for applications requiring conformal coatings, silicone potting & encapsulating, and silicone gels which are specifically formulated to protect extremely delicate components. Our products are formulated to meet the requirements of high or low temperatures, thermal conductivity and UL 94V-O rated material. QSi liquid elastomer products are widely used as a coating within the textile industry and also as coating for fiberglass fabrics used for electrical sleeving or airbags.

Conformal Coatings - are used to protect rigid and flexible printed circuit boards from environmental contaminants and vibration. QSi's products are very low viscosity, one-component, thermally cured elastomers. These products have excellent dielectric properties and can withstand temperatures from -60 to 240C.

Encapsulating and Potting materials - are the ideal choice for protecting sensitive electronic components from extreme environments. Silicones withstand temperatures from -115 to 300°C while protecting the components from vibration, moisture and atmospheric contaminants. QSi's product line consists of both tin and platinum curing systems in a variety of durometers and cure speeds, We also have thermally conductive materials and flame resistant adhesives that meet UL 94 V-0 requirements.

Silicone Gels are two component (1:1 mix ratio) platinum curing materials that cure to a very soft gel like consistency. These products are used for protecting extremely delicate components from vibration and mechanical shock, as well as keeping them safe from water and atmospheric contaminants.

Moldmaking Products
Our commitment to innovation has resulted in a broad product line serving a variety of applications in the moldmaking industry. Whether your molding application requires an addition cure with high strength, fast demold time and good flexibility; or a condensation cure with long work life, low gravity and dimensional stability - QSi has your product. Our products are formulated for applications in architectural moldmaking, prototyping, GFRC casting, theme park props and much more. The only limitation is your imagination!

Silicone moldmaking materials are used extensively to create molds that will produce exact replicas of picture frames, statues and furniture. Whether you are casting polyurethane foam, polyester or low melt alloys like bronze you can count on QSi moldmaking silicones to deliver exact replicas time after time. Silicone moldmaking products consist of two components. A liquid base and a catalyst or curing compound. Tin curing silicones give you a wide range of softness, viscosities and curing speeds to choose from, while platinum curing products offer less shrinkage and heat accelerated curing. QSi has a broad range of silicone tin and platinum curing moldmaking products that can handle just about any moldmaking application.

Silicone Foam - Looking for silicone foam? Visit our colleagues at MDI. Using patented technology, MDI manufactures low density silicone foam for cushioning, fire blocking, insulation and gasketing in the mass transit, aerospace, automotive, industrial and institutional markets. Low flammability, inherently low toxicity and low smoke emission levels make Magnifoam silicone foam an excellent choice for these applications.

Liquid Silicone Elastomers are used to coat a variety of fabrics like fibreglass cloth to be used for electrical sleeving, airbags, roof structures and pressure sensitive tapes. These silicone products typically adhere to fabrics without the use of a primer. QSi's products are medium viscosity, two component thermally cured silicone elastomers. All of them have excellent dielectric properties and can withstand temperatures from -40 to 240C.

The Amber Chemical Company is a group of specialty chemical companies headquartered in the United Kingdom. The group is focused on two sectors of the chemical market: the Industrial Consumables Maintenance & Repair market and the Compounded Silicones Industry, where the group is one of the world's leading compounders, with manufacturing operations throughout North America and Europe. Our companies benefit from being part of an international group, while retaining their own identity, focus and flexibility. Quantum Silicones is a part of the Amber Chemical Company.

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