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Electronic Coating Technologies

Electronic Coating Technologies


Electronic Coating Technologies provides protective materials and application services required by a broad range of electronics industries which include Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, Lighting and Ballasts, Telecommunications, and Sensors.

What we do:

• We offer a service that applies protective conformal coatings to printed circuit boards.

• We offer a service that applies potting compounds and encapsulants to tamperproof and environmentally protect electronic and electrical devices.

• We offer a service that applies conductive and non-conductive “Form in Place Gaskets” for various enclosures and parts.

• We offer adhesive application services to a variety of applications.

• We build custom fixtures, pallets and molds for use in the applications listed above.

• We offer engineering design services, prototyping services, and consultation for all of the above.

• We are ISO 9001:2000 and 14001 certified.


We help find solutions to your technical applications, environmental concerns, safety, delivery, quality and cost challenges when they involve working with chemical processes in the electronic industry. We supply materials, application services and a proven track record of know how.

There are many ways Electronic Coating Technologies can help you. Here are several industry examples:

Conformal coating and encapsulation of printed circuit boards and automotive electronics for tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers of automotive OEM's. Conformal coating and encapsulation of printed circuit boards used in Transmitters, Data Recorders, Control Systems or in outdoor appliances like Electric lawn mowers.

Conformal coating and encapsulation of printed circuit boards used in LED Displays, Highway signs, scoreboard signs, vehicle lighting assemblies; or in industrial applications like Heating and air conditioning (HVAC), Water Treatment equipment, smoke detectors; or vending machines like Pop or Cash ATM machines; sensors, Temperature probes; in computer keyboards; and also in vehicle computer applications such as police, utility and delivery vehicles.

Form in place gaskets used in Electrical enclosures, Cable TV enclosures and Automotive Electronics modules.

Silicone Molds Used as potting cavities to eliminate plastic or metal potting cases. Aluminum Master molds to cast Silicone Molds; and Circuit board Pallets and fixtures for conformal coating and encapsulation.

Plus, we can supply engineering and development services for all of the above. Electronic Coating Technologies has the knowledge and the experience to meet your requirements.


We apply conformal coating to printed circuit boards utilizing programmable robotic applicators. We will help the customer select the appropriate conformal coating for their application based upon the performance requirement of the coating.

We use environmentally friendly, worker safe UV/Visible light curing conformal coatings.

All the coatings we use meet MIL 46058C, IPC-CC-830, UL 94 VO or V1 and UL HP 746C

Our automated programmable application and curing equipment allow repeatable results and fast one day turn around.

All our facilities are ESD protected


We apply potting compounds and Encapsulants to printed circuit boards and assemblies utilizing state of the art programmable meter mix machines.

We will help the customer select the appropriate material for their application based upon the performance requirement of the material.

We will also design silicone mold potting enclosures if required. This eliminates the need for additional potting cases.

Our potting materials include hard tamperproof epoxy compounds, flexible soft urethanes ands silicones.

We have UL 94 VO and V1 rated materials if required.


Aluminum Master Molds - We design and build the master molds for casting silicone molds to ensure a repeatable silicone mold to the customers engineering specification.

Silicone Mold Making - We design and manufacture silicone molds cast from the aluminum master molds to be used in potting components, thus eliminating the need for potting cases and enclosures.

Various silicone molding compounds are available depending on the application requirements.

All of our silicone materials are de-aired under vacuum to ensure the most air free, dense mold possible. This results in a very durable mold allowing a maximum amount of castings.

We also use Conformal Coating Pallets and Fixtures for repeatable transfer of boards through robotic equipment. Our fixtures are designed to be adjustable to handle various sizes of boards. In addition, we build fixtures to handle odd size modules that require potting or coating.


We apply form in place gaskets (both UV Cure and RTV Silicones) to various assemblies and enclosures utilizing programmable robotic applicators.

We will help the customer select the appropriate Gasketing material for their application based upon the performance requirement of the gasket.

Applications include:

• Flexible environmental seals
• Electrically conductive gaskets
• Thermally conductive gaskets


Once we have coated, potted or gasketed your parts we can perform any further assembly you might require. This saves you the need to ship parts for further processing to another location.

We can perform final electrical or functional testing on your assembly at our facility if required.

We do not offer sub-contract board assembly, but we can suggest many fine companies that can perform this work for you if needed.


We offer the customer a turn key solution for conformal coating and potting applications which includes material specification, equipment specification, and sub contract application services.


We use the best equipment for the job and match the performance requirement of the application with the right material. Our products are selected to meet accepted engineering specifications, and we are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.


We use a host of machines and equipment to ensure our performance meets the requirements of the job. From PVA to Sealant Equipment & Engineering to Dymax machines, we have at our disposal the tools to fit the task.

Dispensing Valves, Meter/Mix Equipment, Automated Programmable adhesive dispensing robots, form in place gasket robots and conformal coating machines.

In addition to these dispensing systems we also use curing equipment for the materials. These include UV Curing conveyors, UV Spot Lamps and UV Flood Lamp ovens. We also have fully ventilated air dry chambers as well as convection heat curing ovens.


Because we use the best materials for our work, we ensure the job will be done right according to specifications. Below are just three of the quality organizations that have developed some of the products we use.

Dymax Corporation: Engineering Adhesives for a variety of markets. These include adhesives for the glass and plastics bonding market, conformal coatings, Encapsulants and adhesives for the electronics market, adhesives for the medical device industry, adhesives for the optical industry, and adhesives for the Automotive Industry.

Epic Resins: Epoxy and urethane potting compounds for the electrical and electronic industry. Available also are thermally and electrically conductive adhesives for the same market.

Quantum Silicones: Silicone compounds for conformal coating and potting applications.

Conformal Coating
Dymax 984 LVUF
Dymax 9-20557 LV
Dymax 9-984 B (BLACK)
Dow Corning 1-2620
HumiSeal 1B31

Potting Compound
Epic Resins S 7310 Urethane
Epic Resins R1074/H4030 Epoxy
Dow Corning 170 Silicone
Dymax 9001E version 3.0 & 3.1

Form in place Gasketing
Dow Corning 737
Dow Corning 732
Dymax GA-101
Dymax GA-102
Dymax GA-103
Dymax GA-104
Dymax GA-105


Our coating ensures your protection of the circuit assembly. We use only products that meet these accepted engineering specifications:

1) We apply coating to IPC Standard IPC-CC-830
2) Our coatings meet MIL 46058C Specification
3) Our coatings meet UL 94 VO and HP 746C Specification
4) Our potting materials meet UL 94 VO Specification


We are ISO 9000-2000 and ISO 14001 certified.


If you would like a quotation from Electronic Coating Technologies please email sales@electroniccoating.com and provide us with drawings, dimensions, requirements, and approvals needed for your conformal coating, potting, encapsulating, form in place gasketing, conductive coating, silicone mold making, and other requirements.


Electronic Coating Technologies is a privately held company offering electronics manufactures a turnkey Conformal Coating and Encapsulation service for printed circuit assemblies. We take great pride in our ability to marry 20 years of experience in materials and equipment to supply the highest quality sub contract application and design services to our many customers. Our production department is backed by process controls that start with the initial contact with our customers, through fully documented production processes and the control of robotic applicators to insure the highest quality in production.