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Dymax UV Cure

Dymax Equipment - UV Light Curing Systems


Dramatically reduce your manufacturing costs with conveyors, flood and focused beam lamps and spot lights that cure UV adhesives, coatings and sealants. DYMAX offers moderate to high intensity lamps, which provide clean, safe cures in seconds. Light curing systems are available in modular, stand-alone, bench-top or custom designs. DYMAX curing equipment is ideal for bonding, coating, encapsulating, potting and sealing applications for automotive, electronic, industrial, medical and optical assemblies.

High Intensity UV/Visible Light Curing Spot Lamps

Dymax UV (ultraviolet) light curing spot lamps typically cure UV curable adhesives and UV curable coatings in 1 to 10 seconds. With integral shutters that can be used in timed or manual mode, these UV curing systems offer a controlled UV curing process. These versatile UV curing spot lamps can be used with a wide array of lightguides also available from DYMAX. Lightguide options available from DYMAX include various diameters (3 mm, 5 mm, and 8 mm), various lengths (1 meter is standard), liquid or fiber, and single or multi-poled lightguides. These ultraviolet light curing spot lamps are ideal for both high volume production and laboratory environments in the medical, industrial, electronics, automotive and optical industries.

Flood & Focused Beam UV Light Curing Systems for Manual and Automated Asssembly

Dymax UV light curing flood and focused beam lamps use medium to high-intensity UV/visible light for fast curing of UV curable adhesives, coatings and inks. UV curing flood and focused beam systems are used for a wide variety of applications including bonding, sealing and encapsulating. Worker friendly, filtered UVA light sources are available in engineered, ready-to-use-systems or modular units to create your own UV light curing flood or focused beam system. Each system has an advanced, 400 Watt solid-state or economical transformer based power supply with a compact, stackable design. DYMAX UV light curing flood lamp and focused beam systems are ideal for use in the automotive, electronic, optical and medical device industries.

UV Light Curing Conveyor Systems

DYMAX 12", 18" and 25" wide UV light curing conveyor systems offer consistent, fast, and safe curing of UV curable adhesives. These Ultraviolet light curing conveyors are designed for curing of UV curable adhesives, UV curable coatings, and UV curable inks and can be outfitted with either standard metal halide (longwave) or mercury (shortwave) bulbs. Consistent line speed, lamp height, and intensity together provide a consistent UV curing process. DYMAX UV curing conveyors eliminate stray UV light despite utilizing some of the highest intensity UV curing systems on the market.

Bulbs for UV Light Curing Systems

The bulb is a key component of a UV curing system. DYMAX bulbs are designed to maximize curing intensity and minimize intensity degradation over time, resulting in fewer bulb changes and lower operating costs. The intensity and spectral output of the bulb determines its ability to cure adhesives or coatings. Metal halide bulbs come standard in DYMAX curing systems to match the cure chemistry of most DYMAX UV curing resins.

Radiometers for UV Light Curing Systems

DYMAX UV radiometers measure the UV-A (320-395nm) intensity emitted by DYMAX UV curing systems. Degradation of UV curing bulbs, lightguides, and reflectors can decrease intensity, resulting in incomplete cures. DYMAX UV radiometers are simple to operate and allow operators to monitor and document a UV curing process. A low UV intensity measurement signals an operator to replace the bulb, reflector, or lightguide. Radiometers can also be used to confirm that operators are properly shielded from UV exposure.

Liquid Lightguides for UV Spot Light Curing Systems

DYMAX offers a broad range of liquid lightguides to deliver high intensity UV light efficiently from ultraviolet spot curing systems. Liquid lightguides are the most economical means for delivering high intensity light to adhesives and coatings. Superior DYMAX technology minimizes degradation of intensity over time and transmits the highest intensity available for curing. Lightguides are available in two, three and four split pole configurations for curing multiple points simultaneously

  • More efficient than glass fiber optics for transmission in the visible range
  • Superior quartz fibers for transmission in the UVA-range
  • Lightguide liquid transmits no infrared radiation and has excellent cold light properties
  • Uniform illumination across active diameter results in higher input and output and lower losses at interfaces
  • No danger of individual fiber breakup