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DYMAX Corporation is an ISO 9001 certified, world-class leading manufacturer of 100% solvent-free UV light curing adhesives and curing systems for the medial, electronic, optical, glass, plastic, metal and packaging OEM markets worldwide. With an innovative R&D laboratory, experienced staff of technical service engineers and sales managers, and knowledgeable customer service representatives, DYMAX is dedicated to creating solutions for their customers' demanding assembly applications. The corporate office is located in Torrington, CT with additional facilities in Frankfurt, Germany and Hong Kong.

Automotive Adhesives and Coatings

Lower total automotive manufacturing costs and make better parts. DYMAX adhesives and coatings produce more durable electronics, trim components, brighter headlamps, superior sound systems, stronger glass assemblies and quieter motors. 100% solvent-free resins cure in seconds with UV light, activator or heat, and are designed to be integrated into assembly lines to make automation easier. Replace time-consuming off-line operations and adhesives with long cure times that are difficult to dispense, control and maintain. Eliminate processes that consume space, produce rejects or require expensive venting and safe handling procedures.

Electronic Materials Adhesives, Coatings and Encapsulants

Adhesives, coatings and encapsulants for electronic assembly cure upon exposure to ultraviolet light in seconds. DYMAX solvent-free electronic materials are ideal for circuit board assembly, flex circuit encapsulation, masking, tamper-proofing, potting and strain relief. IPC MIL Spec and UL approved and multiple viscosity grades are available.

Conformal coatings can be applied over the entire PCB surface or discreet areas to provide complete protection from harsh environments or solvents. Encapsulants protect components on rigid or flexible boards to -40° C. Peelable and water soluble masks are easy to apply and remove, and are designed for manual or fully automated masking of printed circuit boards prior to wave solder or reflow operations. One and two-part potting systems can achieve full cure in seconds and dramatically reduce cycle times and costs. Thermally conductive adhesives transfer more heat and bond faster than competitive products.

UV Curing Form-In-Place Gaskets

DYMAX form-in-place (FIP) gaskets cure completely in as little as 15 seconds, even to 1/4" thick beads, with good compression set. UV light curing, FIP gaskets eliminate ovens, racking, stacking and waiting for traditional FIP gaskets to cure. Designed for flat surfaces or wide, shallow grooves, permanent FIP gaskets can eliminate the delay experienced with slow curing resins and the design and inventory expense associated with pre-cut gaskets. DYMAX gaskets are available with a slick to pressure sensitive surface tack and come in low to high, non-sag viscosities. They have excellent adhesion to plastics, glass and metal and are ideal for trim assembly, sound and vibration dampening and non-skid applications.

Decorative and Industrial Glass Assembly Adhesives

Glass assembly adhesives cure upon exposure to ultraviolet light. Additionally, Multi-Cure® grades cure with UV light, activator or heat even through UV blocked and tinted glass. These worker friendly resins form high strength, crystal clear, environmentally resistant bonds to glass as well as a variety of plastic and metal substrates. They adhere to soft glass, borosilicate glass, lead crystal, steel, plated metals and thermoset plastics. They are excellent adhesives for bonding stemware, glass headlamps, art glass, crystal figurines, trophies, architectural glass, novelties, metal brackets to glass and lens laminating.

SPEEDMASK® Temporary UV Curable Masking Resins Replace Tape, Wax, Lacquers and Fixtures

SPEEDMASK® UV curable masking resins offer reliable protection against most metal finishing processing environments. Tenacious adhesion seals cooling cavity openings and prevents contamination of blade and vane cooling holes and cores from acid, alkaline and plating solutions and the debris from air plasma spray, HVOF, peening and grit blasting. DYMAX UV curable masking resins, uv curing lamps and uv accessories simplify regulatory compliance, and bring efficiency and cost reduction to new parts manufacturing, overhaul and repair, turbine and metal finishing, as well as orthopedic implant, surgical instrument and medical device component processing. Clean burn-off grades and peelable and water soluble masks are available.

UV Curable Adhesives for Medical Disposable Device Assembly

100% solvent-free UV curable medical device adhesives are USP Class VI approved and ISO 10993 certified to biocompatibility standards. DYMAX UV adhesives cure in seconds upon exposure to UV and/or visible light to form clear, high strength bonds to metal, glass and a variety of plastics. UV curable adhesives are excellent for catheter bonding, anesthesia mask assembly, needle bonding, and numerous other medical disposable devices. Fluorescing grades of UV curable medical device adhesives are available for in-line quality control inspection.

Structural Adhesives for Bonding Metals

Acrylic and methacrylic acid-free, activator curing structural adhesives brought about the technology revolution, known as "cold bonding", to the magnet and motor assembly industries. These structural adhesives are ideal for choke and transformer bonding, DC motor assembly, alternator and flywheel applications, tacking, unitizing, ruggedizing, sealing and shallow potting. This revolutionary resin chemistry has drastically shortened assembly times and saved space, labor and regulatory compliance costs to make automation easier for manufacturers. DYMAX 600 and 800 series adhesives fixture in seconds, are non-corrosive, non-flammable and suitable for harsh environments. Additionally, some products cure upon exposure to UV light or heat. Automated systems are available to conveniently apply adhesive and activators to substrates.

High Performance Optical and Fiber Optic Adhesives

Replace your slow UV cure and heat soak process with DYMAX optical and fiber optic adhesives. You’ve heard for years that low intensity and slow ultraviolet cure followed by a heat soak is required for low stress bonds. DYMAX now proves otherwise! Low stress, low movement resins with the strength of epoxy, cure completely in one to ten seconds when exposed to ultraviolet light. High tensile strength bonds of 3,000 psi are typical with shrinkage as low as 0.1%. They are ideal for VCSEL potting, lens positioning and laminating, fiber optic bonding, LED, OLED and LCD assembly and many other optical and optoelectronic applications.

UV Light Curable Adhesives and UV Curing Equipment for PET, RPET and PVC Clamshell Packaging

Eliminate heat and RF sealing of clamshell packages with DYMAX UV curable adhesives for plastic packaging. DYMAX UV adhesives cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light to form structural bonds to PVC, PET, A-PET and RPET clamshell packaging materials. Some benefits of UV curable adhesives include reduced tooling and capital costs, higher production rates and lower set-up costs. Production systems for thermoformed plastic clamshell sealing are available in semi-automated dispense-type units and separate dispense, roll coat and stand alone curing units.

  • Adhesive bonds often exceed the strength of the clamshell package
  • UV adhesives cure in seconds to form clear, colorless seals
  • Light curing doesn't degrade (make brittle) PET and RPET packaging
  • Processing speeds up to 30 cycles per minute are possible

Plastic Bonding Adhesives

Plastic bonding, laminating, sealing and tacking adhesives cure in seconds upon exposure to ultraviolet and/or visible light, even through UV blocked plastics. DYMAX solvent-free worker friendly resins form high strength, environmentally resistant bonds to plastics and other substrates including polycarbonate, PVC, ceramic, phenolic, metal, glass and acrylic. Typical applications include display case construction, automotive headlamp sealing, sign assembly, packaging, novelties, light fixtures and awards.

Industrial Cyanoacryates

Low odor, low bloom cyanoacrylates offer exceptional product stability and faster cure speeds over other cyanoacrylates. DYMAX solvent-free, high strength Multi-Grade™ CA301 Series cyanoacrylates can replace many different grades of both methyl and ethyl cyanoacrylates due to their ability to adhere to a wide range of substrates. The CA301 Series lowers costs by reducing the number of inventoried CA’s necessary for manufacturing.

DC Motor, Electric and Power Generation Adhesives

Make quieter motors with assembly adhesives that cure with both activator and UV light. DYMAX resins are easy to integrate into automated application processes and are ideal for DC motor assembly, tab sealing, coil terminating, strain relief, wire tacking, core bonding and balancing and unitizing armature windings. Their fast fixture rate makes them excellent for bonding, ruggedizing, sealing, shallow potting and tacking.

Magnet Bonding Adhesives

Acrylic acid-free Magnet Bonder™ adhesives cold bond rapidly between close fitting opaque surfaces with activator or heat. These low odor, low VOC adhesives are ideal for bonding DC motors, alternators, power generators and regulators, industrial controls, loudspeakers, amplifiers, transformers and pot cores. The DYMAX 800 series resins form tough, durable bonds to metal and ferrite in seconds. Fast cure eliminates ovens and racks and permits in-line quality control and inspection of the forming bond, for J.I.T. processing.